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With Bella Designs, the world is at your feet. You decide which of our superior services you need and we'll do the heavy lifting. That kind of makes us Atlas (you know, that guy with the world on his shoulders).


strategic marketing

There are hundreds of ways to send your message, product or service into the world. But there is one perfect solution for launching your company into orbit. We'll make sure you're headed in the right direction.

creative solutions

You don't have to understand branding, print, web and packaging because we're the Grand Pooh-Bah of all that jazz. We'll get your message out and keep it pretty at the same time. That's our job. Our creativity is bountiful when it comes to presenting you.


Buzzwords, jargon and lingo. oh my! We know the right things to say to engage your audience. And though your mother might not approve, we'd like to put our words in your mouth.

web solutions

The world changes in the blink of an eye. Don't get stuck chasing new technology and trends. You can be the tail (reactive), or you can be the dog (proactive). But seriously, you should pick the dog.


With a gazillion images out there, yours could end up just another tile in a mosaic. We've got the skills to make your image pop, moving your message front and center. Don't be a face in the crowd. Be The One Face that stands out.

video solutions

Videos move customers and inspire action. We're skilled at making documentaries, short videos, website clips. We'll even throw in a free camcorder. Just kidding.


Artwork creates space to see life from a different perspective. Let our artwork inspire you to see things differently.