Q & A

What is a virtual advertising, marketing and design studio?

We're glad you asked! We do business in an efficient, effective way: by collecting talent in a virtual office. We aren't a brick and mortar operation, so we don't have high operating costs like other agencies that are tethered in one place. Good thing too, since you don't need or want the extra expense. Our team is led by an experienced creative whose job is to ensure hard-hitting, consistent messages. Our strength lies in strategic partnerships with copywriters, web programmers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, etc. These long-standing relationships translate into consistent, high-quality work at a reasonable cost; you only pay for the work you need, not overhead.

I have a large project – can your team handle it?

Of course we can! We thrive on large and complex campaigns, web projects and marketing programs. But we treat our smaller projects with as much care and integrity as the big ones. Our virtual nature ensures specialized attention for a project, regardless of size. Big, small and everything in between, makes no difference. We have the perfect team for your project.

I need a project designed, but I need it yesterday. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our business model allows us to work faster and smarter than an agency where someone (let's say the copywriter) has to polish the fancy conference table. We're committed to responding to your questions within 24 hours. Once a timeline for a project is established, we adhere to it. We're able to do that because we believe in actively listening to your needs and requirements before beginning.


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